Friday, June 21, 2013

Revisiting Cotton Hill Campground - Ft. Gaines, GA

 Friday, May 3, 2013
In the late afternoon, we headed out of to revisit Cotton Hill Campground. I had worked most of the day and was a little hesitant about so late on a rainy day, but then camping in the rain is better then sitting home. We made it at about halfway to our destination and decide to embark on a new adventure, Parking Lot Camping. 

I am not sure if anyone else does this, but before a trip I put together an information package with the route we will take, stops along the way, and places we may visit while in the area.  I will estimate my location when I am down to about a quarter tank of gas, then with the help of the internet and online map programs such as Google and Yahoo I locate two or three stations in that area, view which side of the street they are on, the names of a couple of streets I will pass before reaching them and how easy they are to get in and out. I also locate areas that are good rest stops or places to stop of lunch.  All that being said, had already located a Wal-Mart on the left side of the road just a couple of streets past I-75 in Tifton, GA.

When we arrived, I made the courtesy visit inside to ask an associate if campers were allowed to stay overnight. After being given the all clear we selected a spot on the outer perimeter of the parking.  A short time later we noticed other campers staking out their clam to a spot for the night. We had a quick bite of dinner, took Ms. Georgia for a walk, and then settled in for what turned out to be a very peaceful night. 

Saturday morning the rain was still with us and it became harder as we neared our destination. We pulled into our site not bothering to unhitch until the skies cleared on Sunday. 
The next seven days were spent following no agenda and no schedule......

Sleeping whenever you liked.....
Having an early morning cup of coffee by the lake.......
Enjoying Snack time.................

Long walks.......................

 Visiting with a mom & pop  who stopped by our campsite to show off their new family..................


The highlight of the trip was making friends with   Carol and Lawton. We spent a every night visiting around their  campfire. They also introduces us to a wonderful place to have lunch just a few miles north of the campground. The Friday Special is Fish. I opted for the Groper and it was the best I had every eaten.Sorry I don't remember the name of the place but it isn't hard to fine. From the campground turn left on hwy 36, and it is a few miles up the road, on the left after your cross the bridge.


  1. You are so much more organized about planning trips than I am. I could take a few lessons from you!

    Glad you got to Cotton Hill again. I love that kind of laid-back camping. Schedules spoil it for me. I did get my senior fishing license, so don't have to worry about fishing anywhere in Georgia now.

    We stayed at that Walmart one night, too. Only we were there on a Saturday night when all the kids were cruising through the parking lot, whooping and hollering. And a big semi parked by us and ran his very noisy generator all night.

    I think the key to Walmart camping is don't do weekends there! :)

    1. Tinycamper,

      Organized is not a work that I would use to describe me. For the past few years my trips have been squeezed between medical issues.

      I was determine to get on trip in before Jerry had shoulder surgery and I am sure glad I did. I ended up having to have knee surgery just a few weeks after his surgery.

      However it is nice to have friends who's blogs I can enjoy until I can get back on the road again. Being able to read your adventures is the next best thing to having them ourselves.


  2. Just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I have enjoyed reading through your blog! Great read and fantastic pics! We have just purchased a "new to us" Casita from Bob and Beverly Weddington in Cincinnati, Ohio. We should pick it up late next week. We are so excited to be joining the Casita family!! We full-timed for a little over a year and truly enjoyed every minute but family obligations brought us back to the sticks and bricks. We look forward to actually camping again! Hope to meet you guys somewhere down the road!
    Mike & Gerri Jones

  3. Mike & Gerri,
    Congratulations on becoming part of the Casita Family. I am really looking forward to flowing your blog and reading about your adventures.

    If you haven't joined the Casita Travel Trailer Forum, please be sure to. IT is a great bunch of folks and you will learn so much.

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  6. Just saw your name on my blog list and decided to pop in and revisit Cotton Hill with you.

    I have a short memory, so it was all new to me, and I greatly enjoyed it the second time around! :)