Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eastbank Campground at Lake Seminole

Eastbank Campground has 62 sites, most with electric and water and is located on Lake Seminole which is a 37,500 acre lake with 376 miles of shoreline. It is an Army Corp of Engineers facility located just a couple of miles from Chattahoochee, FL although it has a Bainbridge, GA address. The campground  operates on Eastern Time however you cell phone my switch to Central Time because of the campground location. The good thing about this is you can pick the time that suites you at the moment.

We reserved site 32C which is just a few feet from the water and give us a good place to pull our kayaks when not in use.  The sites have a concrete pad and must have a gravel area with picnics table, fire ring and BBQ grill. Once the camper was unhooked and setup we were off to explore the campground. 

There is a boat ramp and parking area for vehicles and trailers as will as a small dock.
Two bathhouses serve the campground, both were very clean. Some folks may find it odd that the bathrooms were in the front of the building and the shower rooms were on the back of the building.  There is a large open area this was ideal to play ball with Ms. Georgia or Fly a Kite as one of our neighbor did.
It is a nice walk from the campground to the dam when you will find lots of folks fishing on the lower side. There are signs on the road that runs across the top of the dam indicating where the GA/FL State Line.
This is a very well maintained, quiet campground offering a wonderful place to relax;
that is unless you have someone arrive with 6 yappy little dogs that were totally out of control. Can you believe these folks seemed offended when I told them I didn’t know what my dog would do it one of there little dogs came running up to her because she didn’t like little yappy dogs.  They did keep them a little quieter after that but the dogs still got loose a lot. Well until one came running out to another dog being walked on a leash and found he had met more that his match. 

Eastbank is on our list of top campgrounds and we hope to visit it often.