Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Feels Like Spring

The temperature was expected to reach 80 degrees and it was a three day weekend, so I left work an hour early. Sure glad of that because when we arrived at Laura Walker there were only 4 of the 44 sites left. One on each end of the playground, one that looked more like a tent site, and the one we selected which was on the inside loop and across the street from one of the two bathhouses.

It was a very spacious site and one we may very well stay on again when we visit this park. It wasn't long after we arrived that all the sites were taken and there were people camping in the area between the campground and the cabins. I guess everyone had the same idea as we did about getting out and enjoying the first taste of spring.

I am not sure if it was a result of the past couple of weeks being stressful or if it was a result of such nice weather after such a cold winter, but by the time we set up camp and ate dinner, I was so relaxed, I was ready for bed.

We had spotted another Casita when we had arrived, so the next day when we saw the owners outside we walked over to say hello. They were from outside Athens, GA and did most of their camping with their son who also owned a Casita. Having been here all week they were getting ready to pack-up and head home.

As always we had a lots of folks stop to ask questions about our little egg and of course take a peek inside. While we were out walking Ms. Georgia, we visited with a few folks like John & Mary from Melrose, FL.

Our days were spend walking, reading, & watching other campers. Nights were fro roasting marshmallows over the campfire & looking at the stars. I think we were too relaxed to have used the kayaks if we had brought them along...

The weather folks sure got it right this weekend! The only thing that could have been better was if I had taken a couple of days off and had not had to head home so soon.

As were were heading out Monday afternoon, a Casita from N.C.was pulling in. We visited with them for a bit and learned they had given up camping when it got to be to much to manage a traditional travel trailer. Not long they ran across their "new to them" egg and now Nancy and Don are on the road again.